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reMyree Miller, Hong Kong request for help >from Shtetl Shleppers:
I'd like to share, by comparison, an observation >from a recent visit to Yad
I had gone there for a few days last August, to do some research, at great
expense and after some 50 yrs of trying, hoping, scraping.
Was at the Hall of not sure I have the name right...where
archives of Holocaust victims are kept. I had heard earlier that the archives
are struggling to keep up with the data entry tasks.
Some years ago I had written to Yad Vashem and offered to send them lists of
hundreds of Jews >from my home town, who had been deported and killed. In reply
I received several forms, requesting that I fill out all the information, '
please not to staple, fold or mutilate.'
Sadly, I had shrugged off that request at the time, because I don't have the
time or leisure to do this -considerable- work. Realising that this means that
these names of victims will probably go unrecorded.
While, finally, visiting Yad Vashem, I was very uptight and my own emotional
load was difficult to control.
I was taking notes, mentally recording what all I saw, trying to take a few
pictures. Observing others.
There were two elderly workers, probably volunteers, struggling with the
requests >from about 15 or 20 impatient visitors, all >from a guided bus tour,
all in a great hurry, because the tour was on a time schedule.
Every one was unhappy, everyone was disappointed, all tried to be polite, but
the emotional pitch was high.
Thinking about the Shetl Shleppers, I can imagine many similar situations.
What to do?

Charlotte Guthmann Opfermann

Charlotte is absolutely correct. It is unrealistic for the people going
on the trip to do rearch for others because of the time limitations and
the limited staff at the archives.

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