Early 1900's Leeds #unitedkingdom

Stephen Cohen <susam@...>

My great grandfather had the habit of changing his name a number of times.
He was variously called 'The Magyar' or 'Mager'.He arrived in England around
the 1870's >from Hungary and lived for a while in the East End of London
where my Grandmother was born (1883). My Great-grandmother (
'Yettra/Jettron') apparently died at child birth. My Great Grandfather then
moved at some time to Leeds where he changed his name and wives at least

I remember when I was very young my Grandmother mentioned that for a while
she worked in Leeds market for a man named Marks - Marks & Spencer. I also
recall that a so called cousin named Bernard visited us in London in the
early 1960's.

I would like very much to try and trace the Leeds family if it still exists.

Stephen Cohen

Toronto, Ontario

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