Re: Royal Warrant to Sell Goods? #unitedkingdom

Alice Josephs

Yes there is such a thing as a Royal Warrants. But they are *not*
permits to sell goods. They are contracts to supply the Royal Household.
Advertising that someone has a Royal Warrant has always been used as,
what we in our times would call, a marketing and advertising tool. Just
as today a manufacturer will say, "We supply our services to a named
well-known business", so the sign of a Royal Warrant showed and shows
that they had and have the contract to the Royal household.

The Royal Warrant is accorded to an individual rather than a business,
so you may come a cropper if your ancestor worked for someone who was
awarded a Royal Warrant by one of the Royal family allowed to award a

For example, Mohammed Al Fayed himself rather than Harrods held Warrants
from various members of the Royal Family (ie supplied their households
with goods) until the rift arose with the family and he rejected the
Warrants. The Royal Warrant Holders Association has records, so you can
try there.

Alice Josephs
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