Identity of guests at London wedding in 1904 #unitedkingdom

Alice Josephs

I have posted a photo of a London wedding in 1904 on Jewishgen's
Viewmate. If your family was in London in 1904, please have a look at
the wedding photo at

Bluma (or Blooma) GOLDMAN 1879-1961 was marrying Philip MARSH (Pinchus
MARCHINSKY) 1880-1975 and they ended up in the USA.

But do you recognize any of the wedding guests?

Bluma's mother, Malka GOLDMACHER GOLDMAN and Leah GOLDMACHER DON, my
great grandmother, were sisters. They were both >from Pultusk, Mazovia,
Poland. For more information on Bluma, Philip and the
GOLDMACHER/GOLDMAN/DON family see my family tree website at

Please contact me privately if you recognize anyone in the photo.

Alice Josephs

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