Esther Price death certificates #unitedkingdom


Hi All

In an attempt to locate information about my great grandmother's family, I
have obtained several death certificates for Esther Price that do not pertain
to me. If these death certificates, >from the early 1900's, are of interest
to you I will be happy to send them on to you.

Marge Goldin
Dix Hills, NY USA

ELBERT (Budapest, Hungary); MEISELMAN (Korolovka, Ukraine); FISHER (Kutno,
Poland and London, England); LEVY (Kutno, Poland and London, England); BREGMAN
(Slutsk, Belarus); BREAKSTONE/PETZURAN (Minsk, Belarus); GOLDIN
(Divin/Kobrin, Belarus); PRESSNER (Zaleszciki)

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