Issac Harry Kolsky #unitedkingdom

michael lixenberg <ftrvideo@...>

In my post to the forum concerning the grave of ISSAC/HARRY KOLSKY I
accidentaly deleted
the burial being in the Edmonton cemetry in London


I am interested to find his burial plot and exact date of death (sometime
in 1945) also for saying Kaddish but have no further information.
If someone can provide me with the telephone no of the burial society or if
someone is going to the grounds and can locate and possibly photograph the
stone I would be extremely gratefull.
His wife was HELEN nee GOLDBERG and son BARRY (both living in Israel)
Also if anyone knows of any possible relatives to him Brothers/Sisters/
nephiews etc I would be very gratefull.

Please reply privately to me
Michael Lixenberg

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