Kew look-up request #unitedkingdom

Alice Josephs

A TNA catalogue search indicates that the background papers of the
naturalisation application of Jacob BELINKIN (1885-1926) have now been
made available. In my previous efforts to obtain copies of these
records (with the assistance of a kind London genner) the files were
classified as closed.

If any fellow genner on this list is planning a visit to Kew and would
be willing to do a simple look-up, I'd be very grateful. I have the
relevant file ref.numbers.

Please contact me privately:

Joel Blankett
Jerusalem, Israel

Just a couple of points about this posting which I hope is helpful to
Joel and others.

You can order these documents online at the National Archives website
and they will be sent either by snail mail in paper form or, if the
customer chooses, digitized form by email.

For any closed documents, you have to apply to the Home Office Record
Management Services, Room 155, 50 Queen Anne's Gate, London SW1H 9AT

This can admittedly take a couple of months but it's certainly worth
doing if documents will be closed for a few years. I did this myself
for my grandfather and they were released about four months after I
wrote to them.

Alice Josephs

Poland STERN Heppenheim a/d Bergstrasse HERZ Kochendorf
MARKUS Otterstadt & Hainchen GRUEN GRUENEWALD MARKUS Roedelheim, Germany

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