Re: 1910 Jewish Cemetery Funeral #unitedkingdom

jeremy frankel

Dear Sandi,

A little information would go a long way. Can you provide us with
any details about the card? Does it give the funeral home? Does it
state the name of the cemetery? If the burial took place in London,
then there are a couple of things you could do. One is to contact the
United Synagogue Burial Society. Additionally, you can check the
pages of the Jewish Chronicle for any burials on that date and see if
any names "ring a bell."

Good luck,

Jeremy G Frankel
ex London, England
Berkeley, California, USA

At 1:00 AM -0500 10/27/04, JCR-UK SIG digest wrote:
A member of my family gave me a Jewish Cemetery funeral card dated
April 26, 1910 (2p.m.!), with the name of the deceased missing.

How/where can I search for funerals of that day to see if a
familiar surname turns up?

Thank you for your help.

Sandi Root

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