Alien cards on #unitedkingdom


I think I've found the secret for finding alien cards for family members on

Enter the family name in the search function; don't bother with asking for

I found all those I located a few years ago--plus a few more.

Michael Bernet, New York
==Michael Bernet's book, "The Time of the Burning Sun: Six Days of War,
Twelve Weeks of Hope," an update of his earlier book on the Six-Day War of 1967
(published in 1968), is now available. It is an eyewitness account of how the war
affected Jews and Arabs in all walks of life, and corrects some frequently
presented errors: the Israelis did not lodge a war of conquest, they were
planning to relinquish the Arab areas they had unexpectedly won; the Arabs were
relieved to see the end of the harsh occupation of their lands by Egypt and
Jordan. A peace of prosperity and coexistence was eagerly anticipated by those on
either side of the divide until, twelve weeks later, that hope was dashed by a
conference of Arab states meeting in Khartoum.

=="The Longest Six Days: The Psychology of War and Peace in the Middle East,"
Dr. Bernet's latest book, explores the long and brutal Israel-Arab conflict,
from a psychological perspective, and utilizes social psychology to suggest a
possible and equitable solution for this conflict and for the larger issues of
Islamist hostility and terror aimed at more liberal faiths and countries. The
demise of Yasir Arafat has muddied the waters and calls for substantial
rewriting. It is hoped that the book can be published in February, 2005.

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