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I am trying to find out more about my great-grandfather, born David Morris=
in Brighton, Sussex, in 1862, who died at 190 High Holborn on 14 Jan=
1899. He went to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1883, married there, had=
one son, then returned with hs family to UK in about 1889. By the 1891 UK=
Census he had changed his name to Jacobs, and kept a coffee house in High=
Holborn. His death was registered by Isidore Abrahams of John St.,=
Barnsbury, who appears in the 1901 census as a "Beadle in Synagogue=
Church". Isidore was present at David's death, but David was survived by=
his wife Emma nee Brown, who later remarried.

I would like to know more about David's environment in Holborn and maybe=
discover why he changed his name. If anyone can help, or point me at=
likely sources of information, I would be very grateful.

Roy Parker
Greely, Ontario
Email: roy.parker@rogers.com

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