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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Ron Herrmann asked on Dec 20th: "does anyone have
information about Klara HAMMERSCHLAG? She married
Philip KAFKA who was Franz KAFKA's uncle. Their son,
Dr. Robert KAFKA married my grandmother's cousin -
Elsa ROBITSCHEK. I do not have any additional
information about Klara except her name.

Also what "Celia's [Male] report of Samuel
referring to? I did not see it posted anywhere...

Ron, I wrote about Samuel HAMMERSCHLAG very recently
in context with SQUARENINA, the printer and the IKG
[Vienna] library. Samuel was the famous second
librarian at the IKG library and he is also remembered
as the greatly-revered Hebrew teacher of Sigmund

As for Philip KAFKA - I am researching the name KAFKA
at the moment and will produce a few postings on the
subject. In the course of this research I discovered
that Filip [Philip] KAFKA, the uncle of the famous
Franz, had a shop in Kolin.

I wonder if Ron has his facts wrong? I know >from an
Austria-Czech message archive search* for "KAFKA RON"
that Ron has the same family tree that I have of Franz
KAFKA's family. There we see Philip KAFKA [1846-1914]
married Klara POLACEK [1847-1908].

Has Ron got further unpublished information? Was Klara
a HAMMERSCHLAG perhaps on her mother's side or was she
perhaps nee HAMMERSCHLAG and married to a POLACEK
prior to her marriage to Philip KAFKA?

If Klara had HAMMERSCHLAG ancestry and she was from
Kolin it would not surprise me as Kolin was awash with
HAMMERSCHLAG. In 1793 here are the Kolin HAMMERSCHLAG

A: Isac [baker] - sons Juda, Marcus, Isaias and Enoch
- three daughters.
B: Moises [peddler]: First-born son Elias
[trousermaker] - whose son is Feit and who also has
two daughters [ie grandchildren of Moises}.
Second-born son of Moises was the unmarried Enoch.
C: Widow Sibila [widow & beggar] - with second-born
son Jacob and one daughter. To find her first-born
son, I have searched through all the censuses and
cannot positively identify him - assuming he is still
in Bohemia. He could also be in Prague [census not yet

All three families apparently lived next to each

There was also a Marcus Polacek living in Horzitz
[Horice] who was "zustandig" in Kolin. So he is a
possible link to the Polacek family. Marcus was a

Celia Male [U.K.]

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