Re: Trial #Poland

Dick Plotz

OK, now I have my answer. When a post on the digest is responded to,
there's no trailing quoted material. If it's on the same day (or part
of the day, if someone is on the 12-message digest), the response will
be grouped with the message it's responding to in a thread. But if
it's on a different day, Sally is correct: there's no context for

This teaches us two lessons:

1. The 12-message digest probably shouldn't be an option. A complete
daily digest affords less opportunity for mysterious disconnected
replies...though there will still be plenty of them.

2. If we don't continue to give high priority to readability, a lot
more people are not going to like what they see than the few people
whose messages have been unfairly rejected under the current system.


On Wed, Jul 31, 2019 at 7:26 AM Dick Plotz <Dick@...> wrote:

Sally, that's "Lyris", not "Lyrica".

Isn't this a function of what people are doing? I guess I'll find out soon, when I see this post. Or not; this reply is in the online interface rather than by email, because I've been testing the appearance of different forms of delivery, and I was on the plain digest.

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