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Sylvia, I want to add my thanks to your instructions of how to get into the
UK Times archive.

I typed in my mother's maiden name (BRAUER), not expecting to find anything.
Imagine my surprise when one of the hits was an article listed under "The
Police Courts", in the Oct. 17, 1906 issue. It was an article entitled
"Illicit Still", and described how my grandfather (Israel BRAUER) and his
friend were charged and found guilty of manufacturing illicit spirits. They
were each fined £75 and £5 5s. costs, "or in default two months' hard

I know the family was very poor, living in the East End. £75 seems like a
very large sum of money for those days. What would be the equivalent today?
I wonder if they actually paid or did the "hard labour"?

My mother died many years ago (she would have been about 5 years old at that
time), but my children and I are enjoying reading about my wayward

Marcia Katzel DeVries
Concord, California (San Francisco area)

BRAUER, BOOKATZ, KATZEL all originally >from Russia/Lithuania

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