Ask a librarian: THE TIMES DIGITAL Newspaper ARCHIVE Online #unitedkingdom


The digital database of The Times of London has been widely available
at libraries for several years. Because of the expense, subscribers
tend to be university and big city libraries. These on-line, keyword
searchable newspapers are terrific. Sure saves a lot of time and
drudgery. The search engine turns up citations I'never would have found

Since you didn't tell us the town or country where you live, I can't
help you find The Times archive in your area.

TO find libraries in your area that subscribe to The Times, ask the
reference libarian for assistance. They know about directories to
locate these kinds of resources. (e.g., WorldCat). If you have a
specific library in mind, you can nowadays search their catalog on-line.

Alternatively, you can write Gale's sales department and ask for the
names of libraries in your area that subscribe to the service. (That's
the best department to contact. I did this with ProQuest to locate
subscribers to their American newspapers.)

Pat Weinthal (a well-trained, reference librarian's daughter)
Boston, MA USA

Caroline Faunce-Brown wrote:

<<I'm now trying to find out how to access it via subscription or at
a local library and it doesn't seem possible.

Libraries don't yet have a searchable digital version, only microfilms
indexes, so you can't do word or phrase searches.>>

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