Re: Birth certificates #hungary


The Data Protection Act only applies to living people. Thus if a baby died
at birth this year, for example, it would not be afforded the protection of
the Act. Also, as an ex-lecturer on the subject of the Act, I am unclear if
birth certificates are protected by the Act at all. BMD certificates are
public documents easily obtainable via the Family Research Centre in
Islington. I have a copy of a birth certificate dated 1911 of a Cecil
Kravitz whom I think may be a relation but I cannot confirm it.
I merely filled in a form at the centre and paid my money.

David Kravitz

MODERATOR NOTE: JGSGB/JCR-UK apply the 100 year rule unless we know for a fact that
the party is deceased. We are publishing data rather than using
it for individual personal research purposes.


OK, but jcr-uk accepts marriage certificates up to 1960. What's the difference?

Harold Pollins


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