NH Solomons and Hammersmith #unitedkingdom


See: Jeffrey & Barbara BAUM, A light unto my path: the story of H.N. Solomon of Edmonton, Edmonton Hundred Historical Sopciety, Occasional paper new series 1981. There are four other publications called HERITAGE published by the jewish section of that Historical Society.

Harold Pollins

In The Great Synagogue, Roth, mentions, p227 “[the] best known pedagogues
of Hanoverian.......above all R. Moseh Eleazor of Gravel Lane (formerly of
Lea), father of NH Solomons whose school at Hammersmith and then at Edmonton
was subsequently famous.”

Do any list members know anything about NH Solomons and his school in
Hammersmith or, for that matter, any Jewish community in Hammersmith

Hazel Dakers, London UK

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