Have any circus relatives? Barnum & Bailey employees sailing from UK to NYC, 1903 #unitedkingdom

Arielle K. Masters

While looking for WOLFSHAUT variants in the EIDB via Steve Morse's
tools, I found and checked into Jennie and Rachel WOOLFSKIN, sisters
from Russia who arrived at Ellis Island on March 1, 1903 on the S.S.
Campania (Cunard Line) >from Liverpool. In looking at the manifest
pages, I was amused to find that they and many other people on the ship
were being sent >from Liverpool to NYC as employees of Barnum & Bailey
(circus, presumably). The rest of the passengers seem well-to-do.

http://ellisisland.org/search/shipManifest.asp?pID=102614140132 (Jennie)
http://ellisisland.org/search/shipManifest.asp?pID=102614140133 (Rachel)

So - if you have any relatives who were in the circus around 1900, check
these manifests... I have no info beyond what's here, and no personal
research interest now that I've ruled Jennie and Rachel out as
WOLFSHAUTs. Hope this helps someone.

Arielle Masters
Oak Hill, NoVA, USA

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