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Berny Goodheart <berny.goodheart@...>

Yes LJGS is unfortunately down.
I still have all the site data so hopefully one day I will restore it and
bring it back on line. The issue
is the cost of running and maintaining the site, the data and the CDs. It
was a hobby for me at first but as it grew
I could not afford to fund it anymore out my own pocket. I tried several
avenues to get funding. Some of them were going
to be fruitful but never eventuated. They backed down when it came to the
crunch. So I lost heart with it and so it
closed down. Basically, I need a site that is prepared to host LJGS for free
while allowing me (and not any other party) to maintain it. It must have
lots of disk space (1Gb+), have all the main web hosting facilities such as
CGI, Perl, Java, Forum, etc. It must run on Linux or a Unix box, allows ftp
upload, telnet and email service. That will at least allow the site to stay
up if nothing else. It's a lot to ask for but there you have it.

The CDs are still available but are now a single CDROM with all the
Liverpool registers I transcribed and
photographed. The single CDROM contains the following searchable registers.
However, unless I get orders that amount to at least 50 of them being made
it's not worth processing. Contact me at if you are

Fountains Rd synagogue marriage register 1893-1914
Hope Place Synagogue marriage register 1898-1903
Hope Place synagogue marriage register 1908-1918
Shaw Street synagogue marriage register 1915-1924
Broad Green cemetery register 1904-1942
Deane Road cemetery register 1837-1919
Rice Lane cemetery register 1896-1910
Rice Lane cemetery register 1910-1967
Green Lane cemetery survey 1979
Register book for the Jews of Liverpool 1805-1816
Princes Road synagogue congregation list 1891-92

Berny M. Goodheart

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