Jacob Neumann #unitedkingdom

David Kravitz

I am seeking information on the family of Jacob Neumann, who lived in Leeds
during WWII. Jacob was in the army, in the Royal Signals and saw service
with Montgomery and the Desert Rats, In 1944 he was moved to Palestine and
was stationed near Sfat befriending a local Jewish family of immigrants >from

All contact was lost between this family and himself after the foundation of
Israel in 1948. Using research facilities I found a Jacob Neumann born in
Sheffield in 1907 but listings on marriage, further births, and deaths are
not to be found. Clearly this Jacob would be nearing 100 years of age, and
one thinks of emigration >from England or a name change as possibilities.

If anyone out there can help, please contact me privately by email.

David Kravitz

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