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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Ron Herrmann asked on Dec 20th: "does anyone have
information about Klara HAMMERSCHLAG? She married
Philip KAFKA who was Franz KAFKA's uncle. Their son,
Dr. Robert KAFKA married my grandmother's cousin -
Elsa ROBITSCHEK. I do not have any additional
information about Klara except her name.

I replied "I discovered that Filip [Philip] KAFKA, the
uncle of the famous Franz, had a shop in Kolin. I
wonder if Ron has his facts wrong? I know >from an
Austria-Czech message archive search for "KAFKA RON"
that Ron has the same family tree that I have of
Franz KAFKA's family. There we see Philip KAFKA
[1846-1914] married Klara POLACEK [1847-1908].

Has Ron got further unpublished information? Was Klara
a HAMMERSCHLAG perhaps on her mother's side or was she
perhaps nee HAMMERSCHLAG and married to a POLACEK
prior to her marriage to Philip KAFKA?

Well now we have the answer; Ron heard >from Sigger
Julius Muller in Prague [and I have their permission
to quote] that Klara was nee HAMMERSCHLAG but a widow
when she married Philip KAFKA.

Her maiden name HAMMERSCHLAG can clearly be seen on
her son Robert's wedding certificate to Else
ROBITSCHEK [daughter of Sigmund and Charlotte nee
BERGMANN] on 2 July 1916 in Prague and her first
married name POLACZEK appears on her son Otto's birth
certificate in 1879. Robert was born in 1881. Klara
and Philip had 5 further children: Erich 1882; Oskar
1884, Zdenek 1885; Irena 1886 and Franz 1895. The
latter is of course a first-cousin of the famous Franz
KAFKA born in 1883.

Futher more, I have read that there was another Kafka
relative called Adolf living in Kolin in 1895. I am
not sure who exactly he was and how he fits into the
family. Perhaps Philip moved to Kolin because Adolf
was already established there?

Well, we have solved another HAMMERSCHLAG mystery. We
still do not know which Kolin HAMMERSCHLAG family
Klara came from, but that should not be hard to find
out, for any interested.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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