Suicide and Existing Archival Records #unitedkingdom

Larry Steinhauer <LSteinhauer@...>

I have two sets of questions that I would appreciate some help =
with. The first concerns the reporting and recording of suicides in =
England at the beginning of the 20th century. According to my family's =
oral history, my grandfather MORRIS MILLER's first wife ALLKA committed =
suicide. Allka was alive and was living with Morris in London at the time =
of the 1901 English census. Also, Morris married my grandmother ESTHER =
BOOK in London in January 1902, so Allka must have committed suicide some =
time in the middle of 1901. However, I cannot find any record of her =
death in the GRO's Death Indexes for either 1901 or 1902. Were suicides =
excluded >from these records and, if so, is there any other place where =
they might have been recorded?
My second questions have to do with the possible existence of =
archival records that might help me to discover what the Miller family =
name was when they still lived in Poland. (Although Miller was a Jewish =
family name, I can find no trace of Morris or any of his siblings in the =
Polish Record Index.) Morris and at least some his siblings (Esther, =
Philip, Sima, Saretel and Rachel) migrated to England >from Bialystok =
Poland in the 1890s. They lived in London until 1906 when most of the =
family migrated to the U.S. There seems to have been a social and/or =
religious community of Bialystok Jews in the East End of London during =
this period since Morris's second wife, Esther, was born in Bialystok and =
Morris's brother Philip also met and married a woman >from Bialystok in =
London (DEBA BAKER/BACHRACH). Both of these marriages took place in the =
East London Synagogue. Hence my questions: can anyone tell me: (a) if =
marriage records for the East London Synagogue still exist; and (b) if =
there was a formal association of Bialystok Jews at that time and, if so, =
whether any of their records have survived?
Any help that I can get in answering these questions would be =
greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Larry Steinhauer
Albion, Michigan USA

MILLER: Bialystok, Poland -> London -> Brooklyn NY and Passaic NJ
BOOK(E): Bialystok -> London -> Winnipeg & Montreal Canada, and Brooklyn =
WEIDMAN: Orla, Poland -> Winnipeg Canada

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