HENRY BERGMAN, an actor from Hull #unitedkingdom

Martin Miller <millerm@...>

Hansel BERGMAN died here in Syracuse in 1904 at the age of 96. His wife
Rebecca died here in 1879. According to her tombstone her Hebrew name was
Rivka bat Avraham and her husband's name was Yehoshua (Joshua).

According to Hansel's obituary, he resided in England for many years before
coming to the US about 1878.

According to the obituary he left three children: Henry BERGMAN of Hull,
England (an actor), Rachel GOLDBERG of Lynn, MA and Fannie BERNSTEIN of
Boston, MA.

Another obituary lists four children, adding Louis BERGMAN of New York City.
In an index of the 1881 England census I found a listing for a Louis Henry
BERGMAN, a single man, in Hull in 1881.

Hansel's place of burial, his synagogue associations and the folks he
boarded with over the years all point to Naishtat (Kurdirkos Naumiestis) as
a possible place of origin for the family.

His circumstances also indicate a potential connection to my wife's BERKMAN
(many used the BERGMAN variation) family, who came >from Sudargas, Lithuania
and migrated to other locations.

I'd love to hear >from anyone who recognizes these names.

Martin D. Miller
Syracuse, NY


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