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My Ancestors were very early arrivals in this country. The first branch said
to have come over with William the Conqueror >from Normandy. During the
expulsion some fled to Ireland and others just changed their religion and
then changed back again. Other branches, the Emanuels, and the Isaacs came
here to escape the Spanish Inquisition. The Emanuels were great sea farers
and quite a large part of the family moved to Portsmouth. The name Emanuel

appears in old naval records. The Simmonds branch have been in this country
too for quite a few centuries.
The last arrival in this country of members of my family, were the Rockmans
and the von Hiblers. >from Russia and >from Austria. They arrived at the
beginining of the 1800's.
My grandmother Abigail Morris, always told me of a massacre that had taken
place during the time of the coronation of Richard 1st, somewhere in St.
Mary Axe and the tale was woven into family legend. We Jews have been around
in this country for far longer than most people know.
My husband says his family originated >from Cornwall. And that they came to
this country far earlier than my ancesters. They used to trade with the
tin miners in the St. Agnes area.


This is all most fascinating. May I ask: what sort of documentary evidence
do you have to substantiate these statements?

Harold Pollins

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