Berdowsky on Wollanee Road, Whitechapel 1904 #unitedkingdom

leorca27 <leorca27@...>

In developing my search regarding my paternal grandfather, Chayem Berdowsky,
and tracing his route >from Lida to Philadelphia, I discovered that he lived
for an unspecified time with a relative (Israel Berdowsky) in Whitechapel,
on Wollanee Road, in 1904. What have you found to be the best resources for
understanding the texture of life in the East End at that time and records
that might capture the time he arrived in England and >from where? What
guidance can you provide regarding finding out what ever happened to Israel
Berdowsky? Are there any old maps that would indicate where Wollanee Road
was and what it has become today? Thanks.
James Barron leorca27@...

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