Wollanee Road #unitedkingdom

Anthony and Helen Kaplan <antkap@...>

During May last year I was stumped in locating Booth Street in the
Shoreditch/Whitechapel area. I was hoping to find the exact
house/road where my grandfather had been born in 1880 having, on a
previous visit to Mile End, found the exact and totally intact house
which the family had later re-located to in Globe Road, Mile End.

I posted a query to this group and received an immediate reply >from
Myra Waddell of Adelaide, South Australia, who resolved my problem in
a jiffy. She recommended a web site www.motco.com and the rest was
plain sailing. Thank you Myra. Booth Street is no more and it has,
with Prince Street, now become Princelet Street. No doubt that area
was shattered during the blitz.

There may, or may not, have been a Wollanee Road but this web site,
admittedly commercial (I would love to have a share
in it !), is well worth a visit. I do not retain the original query
concerning Wollanee Road that was posted to this site, so am unable
to respond directly to the writer. I have a gut feeling that the road
name may have been incorrectly pronounced or spelt.
Hopefully he/she will yet be able to move forward >from here.

I find it most intriguing and satisfying that problems of this sort,
and others, frequently elicit immediate responses to this list >from
every corner of our world. No doubt I'll bump into several
researchers in the East End when I hope to return to London on a
visit later this year.

Anthony Kaplan (Johannesburg)

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