Ship Alley, London #unitedkingdom <shirley.collier@...>


There is an old photograph of Ship Alley on the
following website:

In case you are interested, there are a couple of
companies doing Jewish heritage walks - one of these
is called London Walks and their website is:

I have been on several walks with them and they have
been first class.

Another one is called Stepping Out but I believe they
are having a short break at the moment.

I have no commercial interest in either of these.

The local history library in Bancroft Road, Stepney
(also in the East End), has produced a leaflet of "do
it yourself" East End walks in conjunction with the
Jewish East End Celebration Society. The library also
has many records on the Jewish East End, and a
wonderful selection of old photographs.

I hope your enjoy your stay in London.

Shirley usually East of London UK
presently Shoham, Israel.

--- robert fraser <>

Dear Friends -

I wonder if anyone can point me to a website that
shows pre-WW2 roads in
London, or point me to any related information. The
reason is that I will be
briefly in London in April.

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