Neptune Steet not Well Street #unitedkingdom

Chaim freedman

Indeed Well Street is now Ensign Street. My father, the late John Freedman
(1910-1999) lived there at #27, during the 1st World War until he left with
his parents for Australia in 1922. #22 is now occupied by the school.

In the census of 1901 my greatgrandparents Michael and Dora Blumenthal
lived at #45 Well Street. They later moved to St.Mark Street.

I visited the area with my father in 1970 and many of the old buildings were
still standing. Last October when I visited again all the buildings were
new. My father told me that he attended a primary school in the centre of
Wellclose square. He was born at #212 St.Georges Road now called the
Highway. His parents, Myer and Annie Freedman were married in the Little
Alie Street Shule in 1909, which was in ruins in 1970 and by 1974 when I
visited it, it had been converted into the Half Moon Theatre. That too has
disappeared in a new building.

In fact during my visit with my wife last October, none of the sites where
my family lived are still standing. I was lucky to see them with my father
in 1970.

Will sentimental memories,
Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel

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