DELVALLE/SOLOMONS and Lyons in London #unitedkingdom

Van Wijngaarden <hvw79@...>

In my research for DELVALLE I have not been able yet to find out more

about Harry Delvalle who without any doubt belongs to our family.

Over the years I gathered some bits and pieces and the JC added to this a

little bit more for I was able to `read´a bit in the free trial and this

gave me more details.

Harry (the father) was married in 1908 ( London) to Rose Solomons and had

a son called Harry married to Josephine Lyons ( b.1910). This couple moved

to Leicester(shire) and has 2 sons Brian (b. ca 1945) and Gerald (b.


The free trial of JC showed me the following

date 11/8/1916

H. Delvalle Rectory Square, Stepney. Named in relation to a death

announcement- killed in action I thought I was able to read of a person

named Solomons. This must be without any doubt Harry Delvalle married to

Rose Solomons. Maybe her father, brother, uncle

date 16/9/1949

Harry Delvalle of Stamford Hill, pleaded not guilty to obstructing a

police officer. the magistrate imposed a fine of 5 pounds.

This could be my Harry Delvalle (jr)

Anybody in this forum able to provide me with more information about the

names shown above or any idea how to proceed.


Rene van Wijngaarden always interested in any Delvalle or Del Valle in

good old England.

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