World War 1: British Jewry Book of Honour #unitedkingdom

MavAlan Shaffer <mavalan_shaffer@...>

Dear JGenners,

Could anyone please help me discover more about my
grandfather, Joseph AARONS? He came to London in
February 1900 with his new wife, Sarah (nee
GUREVITCH)>from Minsk. They first lived in Pell
Street, Stepney,
then moved to Hackney, first to Sylvester Road, then
in 1917 to 91 Hackney Grove.
He was a shoe repairer.
Between September 1917 and January 1918, aged 40, he
joined the British Army at Whitehall.
He was posted to the Labour Corps and sent to
He remained there 8 days and then went with "G"
Company Labour Corps to Plymouth.
(We have a photograph of him taken at Plymouth in full
uniform but have been unable to identify the cap
badge. The address on the back of the photograph is
17 Union Street, Plymouth.)
In June 1918, he was sent to Sheringham, and was later
attached to 9th Battalion Northampton Regiment,
(Pte.J.AARONS no.60225). We have testominial letters
from his Commanding Officer in his Naturalisation
On 13th February 1919 he was sent to Crystal Palace,
demobilised, and transferred to "Z" Reserve.

We have tried to find Joseph in the British Jewry Book
of Honour. There are many J./Joseph Aarons but none
matching his regimental number.
We have several queries and shall be grateful for any

1. Was every enlisted Jewish soldier in the book?
2. Is he not there as he was not sent abroad?
3. Was it unusual for him to enlist aged 40 with a
wife and 5 children to support?
4. Does anyone have a photograph of Hackney Grove at
that time?
5. Does anyone have a relative who was in the same
regiments as my grandfather?

With grateful thanks for your help.

Mavis Shaffer
Essex, England


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