Looking for Amsterdam #unitedkingdom

Dick Jaeger <richard@...>

On behalf of one of my oldest friends I am looking for records of ther
mother's family surname, Amsterdam originally >from Poland but lived in
Franfurt till 1940 . Her mother's name was Eva Amsterdam. Eva's father's
name was Joseph, mother Selma, Eva was born in 1917 had two older brothers
Henry and Gustave and a younger brother Arthur. Eva went to London in 1940
and then to the US during the Blitz, sponsored by a cousin named Richter,
possibly >from the Detroit or Cleveland area. Eva and her husband and
children lived in New York. Her brother Henry was in the BritishArmy during
the war and her parents and younger brother went to Italy Alberpbello or
Bari The family was split up and only Eva's father is known, unfortunately
because of a picture of a grave. Eva married and had two children Carrey and
Margo both of whom live in New York and I have known for over fifty years.
Eva died in the 1970's.
Margo and Carey are trying to develop additional information for me but that
is basically what I have at the moment.
Richard Jaeger

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