Advice needed for trip to England #unitedkingdom


I plan to travel to the UK early in August to follow up some family history

I have a problem: I need a wheelchair and oxygen tanks while in England.
When traveling to Israel, I can get these >from Yad Sarah.

I'm having difficulty in England. I've been told I can get oxygen tanks in
England only after I've been examined by a British physician. Seems like a
catch 22 condition for me.

I'll be traveling with a New York State licensed physician (my wife,
Sheila), I can get statements on my needs >from my USA cardiologist, pulmonologist,
internist, cardiac surgeon . . . .. I'm not allowed to carry oxygen on the
plane, The airline will take me off its oxygen the moment I step off the plane.
I'll have a portable oxygen generator with me that works off the mains the
moment I arrive in the terminal, or works off the car when I'm in a taxi. But
how do I get to that first doctor and >from there to the Chemist's?

Thanks for any advice

Michael Bernet, New York

MODERATOR NOTE: Whilst this is not a genealogical posting, I hope members will
understand why this off topic message has been posted. Please respond OFF list.

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