FEILPAOVITCH #unitedkingdom

malcolm katz <malkikatz9361@...>

My great grandparents were Morris LAZARUS and Annie
ALPEROVITCH listed on 5 childrens birth
certificates,On cencus details they are listed as
Russian citizens,Alas they were not natrulized,But
Morris's brother was and on his it states he was from
Grodno,On his census details it states he was from
NOWYDWOR,I canot find any details of a place known as
this and am wondering if anyone can advise me as to
where this would be as i think the census taker must
have mispelt it.
Also on my grandfathers birth certificate the 6th and
latest son Morris(Mosche) is spelt as MOUSCHA and the
mothers name is listed as Hannah FEILPAOVITCH instead
of Alperovitch.
Does anyone know where Mouscha comes >from and has
anyone come accross FEILPAOVITCH in London or anywhere
Many thanks
Malcolm Katz

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