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Although I cannot help with the specific naming questions (Israel, Benjamin
etc), I do know that daughters of Cohens (and Levites) are recognized as
such. There are various rules that apply to a Bat Cohen and a Bat Levi
(daughter of a Cohen, daughter of a Levi). (Eg a Bat Cohen does not have to
redeem a first-born son in the pidyon ha-ben ceremony - see
http://www.imohel.com/pidyon.htm ).

Basically a male Cohen passes this on to ALL his children, and they are each
bound be certain rights and obligations, but only the male children carry it
on to theirs.
I hope this makes sense.

--Richard Dale
Newton MA.

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On finding my Great grandmothers grave at Edmonton
Federation cemetary,I have a querry for geners with
more knowledge then me,At the top of her grave are
enclosed hands with 2 candlesticks,Which i read as
meaning a Cohen,Which has confused me as i have always
known this to be passed through the male line and dont
understand the meaning of this.
To add to the confusion her fathers name on her
marriage certificate is Israel,A hebrew name in its
own right,Yet on the grave in Hebrew she is Chana bet
Binyamin(Benjamin) im am now totaly confused by this,I
know i have the right grave,If anyone can enlighten me
on either subject i would appreciate it.
Many thanks
Malcolm Katz

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