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Josie Barnett

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Regarding the recent postings re Bat Cohen type tombstones at Edmonton =
Cemetary I really think it must have been a sales pitch by the =
stonemason with no other significance. My grandmother died in July =
1956 and is buried at Edmonton and has the exact same tombstone. I was a =
child of 9 and I remember my parents ordering her stone through some =
kind of brochure. I think the brochure was kept for years later. The =
name of the stonemason was Harris and Son. It may have been that the =
sales representative was a gentile. What I know for sure is that my =
grandmother was defintely not a Bat Cohen. My grandmother's nephew =
assured me of this four years ago. I made a point of asking him as I had =
seen her grave for the first time and took note of the type of =
tombstone. I think it was because my father, an only child, grieved =
very badly following her death. My grandmother was considered a very =
righteous and charitable women, so the tombstone would have been a =
fitting tribute.=20
Josie Barnett now living in Israel
Granddaughter of Bushka Chedekal also known as Mrs. Josephs of Sidney =
Street, E1 and buried at Edmonton.
Researching Levene, Holtz/Wood and any spelling of Chedekal/Chidekel

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