Re: Resh-Bet and Heh-Resh-Bet on a tombstone: rabbi or not? #unitedkingdom


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< All Rav means is that it was a form of respect. Almost like "Mister" or
"Sir" but with more reverence. It is quite common on tombstones. >

==Actually, the letters Resh-bet on a tombstone, while they can be read as
Rav ("Rabbi"), are properly read as Reb which, as Jackye Sullins correctly
says, is a term of politeness and really equivalent to "mister."

==A "real" rabbi would be referred to as heRav (Heh-resh-bet) meaning "the
Rabbi." Perhaps more common on a tombstone is the abbreviation
Mem-heh-resh-bet for Moreynu heRav meaning "Our teacher, the Rabbi. "

==Extra letters may be tagged on or interspersed for an exalted rabbi, e.g.
Mem-heh-resh-heh-gimmal for "our Rabbi the Gaon (exalted teacher).

Michael Bernet, New York

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