Sephardi/Ashkanasi Naming Patterns #unitedkingdom

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Thank you Malcolm Katz and Henry Best for helping me mine a little deepe=
r and expand my understanding of the great unmined Jewish history in Eng=
land. =

Before I joined JCR-UK all I knew was what I had read in C.P. Snow's boo=
ks. I must assume that my paternal great-grandfather, Frederick Rosingb=
loom, born January 23, 1799 in Gravesend, Kent,England, was listed in th=
e parish rolls simply as a matter of birth record, along with his many c=
hildren, including my grandfather, Edward Rosenbloom, born at Gravesend =
February 28, 1836, prior to separate records being established for Jews.=

Also, your information allows me to assume that my great grandfather was=
Ashkanasi as he had a son named Frederick, and my grandfather's first s=
on was named Edward after him. I have tried to mine information >from th=
e Gravesend area, but so far I have nothing. All of my father's brother=
s and one sister left England early in the 20th Century for Canada and t=
he US. >from my father I gathered life in the Tower Hamlets was dismal, =
but the census records show that my Grandfather (after a life on the sev=
en seas as a Merchant Marine captain) retired to the area when my grandm=
other died leaving him with two very minor children. My grandmother, Sa=
rah, was the eldest daughter of a substantial Christian family named Eve=
rsfield with long established commercial ties in Kent County. They wer=
e not happy with the union.

I'm not sure where I go >from here, but I keep plodding along gathering b=
its and pieces of family history along the way. All of my relatives are=
deceased, but they knew very little about our English antecedents. =

Thanks again for the great information you gave...if you have more pleas=
e don't hesitate to share it with all of us.

California USA

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