Re: Parish registers #unitedkingdom

BP Bergman <bergville@...>

< I have been informed that Jews common in registers was
common a long time ago in England as Synagogue
weddings were not recognised by the state,Hence the
entry's as the only legal place to get married was in
a church if you did not then your children would be
considered illegitamate,Not a good thing at the time.
This would affect all jews up to 1837 until a system
of national Record keeping started.
Hence the entry's Baptised/Married as Jews in the
Parish registers. >

It is more likely that they married in church in order to have a "parish of
settlement" which would look after them if they fell on hard times. With no
State benefits, the Church was the only source of support to the poor, but
even then it had to be a parish which recognised your right to be supported
by it, which meant having a formal link to it.

Beverly Bergman

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