Re: Dutch Jewish Cooking #unitedkingdom

Jocelyn Keene

I've been following the cooking thread with interest because some of
the dishes mentioned were ones that my mother-in-law, Iris, used to
cook. I distinctly remember that her favorite dish was chicken and
meatballs (beef) with egg and lemon sauce and I tried to get the
recipe >from her but she didn't use recipes. I tried to watch her and
write down the steps but that was a failure because she didn't
measure things either. After reading the emails this morning, I
mentioned this dish to my husband and he immediately said that it
wasn't chicken and meatballs with egg and lemon but whitefish with
egg and lemon. Would someone please be kind enough to send me
privately the recipe for fish in egg and lemon sauce and has anyone
else ever heard of chicken and meatballs in egg & lemon? To my mind
it is a truly odd combination! And is it the consensus that fish in
egg-lemon sauce is a Dutch Jewish dish? I haven't identified any
Dutch Jews in my mother-in-laws line at all. There was one Sephardic
family that might have come through the Netherlands, I suppose, but,
on Benjamin Levy's (Iris's G-grandfather) naturalization papers in
1866 he said he came >from Fraustadt, Posen (now Wschowa, Poland), not
the Netherlands. Anyway, I'd like to try the fish (or chicken) in egg-
lemon sauce.
Best wishes,
Jocelyn Keene
Pasadena, CA

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