Londinsky #unitedkingdom



My great grandmother's last name was Londinsky. Her family came >from Brest
Litovsk which they then considered Russia/Poland but is now Belarus. I know
that in Russian Londinsky means >from London. Does anybody know any
Londinskys still in London or the history to this family? Was there a time in Jewish
history that my ancestors might have lived in London with no last name and
then for some reason had to leave and adopted Londinsky when they moved?

Thanks for your input.
Rishy Savin
Miami, FL USA
Researching in London the DUNN/DONN/DAN family (originally >from Vilna), the
BARON family (originally >from Vilna), the LONDINSKY family and the MINTZ
family (originally >from Mikulince, Galicia, Poland/Austria)

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