Another original surname question BENJAMIN #unitedkingdom

Susan <susanplouffe@...>

As stated on my ancestors naturalization papers in the UK, my
LEVY/LEVEY/LEVI/LEVER ancestors former name was BENJAMIN.
eg. my grandfather, Louis Lever (formerly known as Louis Benjamin).
They emigrated >from Zagare, Kaunas, Lithuania, (then Kovno, Russia) to UK in
I have still not been able to determine if Benjamin is an anglicized version
of the original name or ?
My great grandfather's name was David.
I have searched under every possible variation of Benjamin, as well as Wolf
variations and Levi variations but have not found the family in Lithuania.
I have also been told that the Hebrew name on one of the tombstones was
LIWER/LIVER. I have not found the family under this name either.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

Susan Plouffe
Vancouver, Canada
LIVER/BENJAMIN: Zagare, Kaunas, Lithuania
Burton-Upon-Trent, Southport, Bournemouth, England
Glasgow, Scotland

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