Searching for descendants of POMERANTZ / HOLRIE / BRAHAM #unitedkingdom

Yeruchem & Fraida Cohen

My great grandmother's name was Sarah (Sima) POMERANTZ. Her father's name
is listed as Harris HOLRIE on her death certificate and her first child,
Anna, was born in England.

I did a search for the name Harris Holrie on and his name came
up in the UK London censuses of 1881, 1891 and 1901 living in Hamlet Mile
Land (? not readable) Old Town and West Ham, Tidal Basin. I also found a
death certificate index for him >from December 1903 >from the district of West
Ham, County: Essex, Greater London, Volume 4a, Pg 68.

He had a daughter Annie with whom he lived in the 1901 census, whose
husband is listed as Lewis BRAHAM. They had the following children at the
time: Sarah, Sidney, Lilly, and Caroline. I found a record of their marriage
date as June,1889.

If you have knowledge of anyone >from and of the abovementioned families, I
would like to hear >from you.

If you would like to answer privately, remove any numbers that might appear
in my email address for your reply. Otherwise, please reply to the

Fraida Cohen

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