Seeking residents located by address in London about 1900 #unitedkingdom

Stephen Denker

Are there any records such as London city directories where I can search
residents by street address for the years 1895-1905? I'm especially
interested in who lived at 45 Morgan St. in 1899. My grandfather, upon
arrival at the Poor Jew's Temporary Shelter in London, said he was going to
the above address.

He was listed in the London 1901 census at 14 Underwood St. living with his
sister, her husband, her child and 2 other boarders. I want to find out who
was he going to on Morgan St.


Elayne Denker
Brookline, MA USA
Researching BILLMAN, DENKER, GINSBERG(various spellings) KRUGER, KRIEGER
(various spellings) all migrating through UK

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