Finding two obituaries ; photos of two tombstones in Edmonton Cemetery #unitedkingdom


I'm hoping that JCR-UK readers can help with the following:

I'm looking for two obituaries and photos of tombstones of the
following people:

Rachel KLEPFISH 16-Dec-1929 Edmonton Cemetery
Millie KLEPFISH 20-Jun-1935 Edmonton Cemetery

I hope that this is no imposition; perhaps someone in London, England,
already going to visit Edmonton Cemetery , would be able to find and
photograph these two tombstones?

I found the above two results on JCR-UK's Database online; I didn't see
details there as to the location of the tombstones within the cemetery.

As far as obituaries ...I found one obituary at the Artchives of The
Jewish Chronicle online, for Millie KLEPFISH ; a short one; her date of
passing and burial, and age are mentioned; no names of family members,

Perhaps there are other online obituaries that I can be directed to?

(I have already searched on the Internet, but no luck finding
obituaries for England, for the years 1929 and 1935.)

Thank you!

Sarah Lasry

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