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Bathsheba Froyse

--- STEPHEN COHEN <> wrote:

Over the past few years, I have read with great
interest and also frustration, the desire of many
people to trace thier family roots. One thing, from
perspective, is that they all have one thing in
common, namely the families they are searching for
have names which shall we say are not that common.

My question is, how does one search for relatives
whose name is COHEN? and landed in the UK and USA at
the turn of the 20th century.

Stephen Cohen
It is possible, albeit harder. I also have Cohen
family and I managed to trace them back to the 1870's.
I was helped by the fact of having a great-great
grandfather with an unusual name, Philip. I could
therefore find details on the 1901 British Census.


Shimon (Steven)

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