Susan Goldsmith

Dear SIG,
I am seeking cousins: the family of Esther GREENBERG, nee DRUSKOWITZ. Esther emigrated >from Lithuania to England with her parents Avraham, a Rabbi and his wife Henne Leia (later Lillian) nee GOLDSHMIDT. I believe Esther settled in Liverpool.

Rabbi Avraham Druskowitz was a Rabbi in Seta, near Kaunas and wrote a book that was publishd in Kaunas in 1933. I assume they emigrated after that, although it is possible that they emigrated as early as 1912. I believe a brother Yochanan and sister Sarah also emigrated, but I know Sarah traveled on to the US and then Israel.

I have searched the Jewish Chronicle for DRUSKOWITZ(VITZ)(VICH) to no avail; for Esther GREENBERG, I have found announcements of grandchildren and great grandchildren, but am not sure if the Esther mentioned is my relative. I do not know Esther's husband's first name or the names of their children. If anyone knows the family please contact me privately. Thank you for your kindness.

Best Regards,
Susan Goldsmith
San Francisco Bay Area USA


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