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Further to Fritz Neubauer's fascinating and informative posting about
bravery awards to Jewish Soldiers in the Austria-Hungarian Army who were
decorated in 1866,Fritz, do you know if similar summaries were published for
Jewish soldiers and officers who served in the Austrian Army during 1914-1918?

Both my late maternal step-Grandfathers, Dr. Josef Gold, born Wien 1894,
and Josef Zipper, born Wien 1890, served in the Austrian Army, and both
were awarded medals.

My step-Father has his Father's Iron Cross, which I think was awarded to
his Father (probably an ordinary soldier) who was badly wounded and
invalided out of the Austrian Army, probably prior to his marriage in Wien
in 1917. I do not know in which regiment, where, or in what capacity
Josef Zipper served and was wounded.

My other maternal step-GF - my late maternal Grandmother's second husband -
Dr. Josef Gold, was a first leutnant in the 31st Infantry Regiment and was
possibly awarded two medals (for bravery/distinguished service??), although
I am not sure about this. I have a photo of him which was used for a 1921
monthly Wien tramway pass although he definitely had left the army by then
and had completed his law studies at Wien University, which had been
interrupted by the war.

In the photo Josef Gold is shown wearing his uniform and there are two
ribbons on the collar which I have been told were for bravery awards.
However, as the photo is in black and white there is no way we can
establish which ribbons/medals these might have been. I also have two
other WWI photos of Josef. One shows him on horseback, with sword, with a
group of other officers >from different regiments (all wearing different
uniforms) - possibly at a military college (possibly Hainburg near

The other photo shows him with another officer (with three stars on his
collar) - both wearing swords, probably taken in a photography studio in
Wien - perhaps during leave? On the back of this photo is printed "Atelier
Schullerbauer, Wien, 1, Rotenturmstr.17".

The Gold family lived in Wein 1, Hoher Markt, after WWI up until Josef and
his unmarried siblings and their Father (aged 90 years) fled separately in

I also have several photos of Josef in his Australian Army uniform, taken
in the early 1940s when he was conscripted into the Australian Army 8th
Labour Company after he was released >from internment after being
transported here on the infamous DUNERA >from London.

My late maternal GF (born Odessa) also fought in WWI - but on the Russian
side - and was a prisoner-of-war of the Germans (perhaps the Austrians?)
for three years until Russia withdrew its forces and Zaida was released and
returned to Odessa where he was then conscripted to fight in the civil war.

So it is possible my two maternal step-GFs might have fought against my
maternal GF!

I would be very grateful to find out if there are any publicly available
information or databases online or other resources which could give me some
more information about bravery awards to Austrian WWI soldiers and the regiments
they served in and where they saw action.

Also I would be very interested to find out about Russian POWs who might
have been held prisoner by the Germans and/or Austrians >from 1914-1917.
I understand the k.u.k. Archive in Wien does not have much information about
ordinary soldiers although they might have information about commissioned

Many thanks for any leads.

Lorraine Bertelsen
Boho, Downunder

From: Fritz Neubauer <>
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005

In issue Nr. 10 (1010), pages 188/1879 of =84Dr. Bloch's Oesterreichische
Wochenschrift" (Zentralorgan f=FCr die gesamten Interessen des Judentums)
the compiler Moriz Fruehling presents a list of the Jewish soldiers who
were decorated in the campaigns against Italy and Prussia in the year 1866.

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