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I would be grateful for any assistance with finding out more about my
forebear Hannah NONMUS (ca 1736? - ca 1806?), particularly her maiden name
and family circumstances in Frankfort, Germany.

Hannah wrote a booklet detailing her conversion >from Judaism to Wesleyanism
at the Calvinistic-Methodist Tabernacle in Penn Street, Bristol on 8 October

She described herself as a Jewess >from Frankfort (sic), and explains that
she met her husband Jacob NONMUS <being a Doctor in the English army>. She
followed him to England where they married at the Synagogue, Dukes Place,
London (ca 1755-1758), and lived near Bishopsgate-Street for almost 16

Next the family moved to Bristol, and the author relates how she converted
after the birth of 12 children. The IGI shows her christening and those of
three of her children on 8 Oct 1775 at the Calvinistic-Methodist Tabernacle,
Bristol. The children were: Isaac (1769-), Abraham (1771-), and Sarah
(1773-1785). Sarah died in Bristol in 1785.

Hannah writes that her husband Jacob later left her, <being forced to go to
sea as a doctor>. The IGI features a Jacob NONMUS as a party to two
marriages in January 1784 In Boston, Massachusetts - so perhaps this is him.

Thanks in anticipation,

Gloria Grant (nee Nonmus) =AD Brisbane, Australia

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