Michael BARNET, British volunteer Israel Army, found dead on beach April ... #unitedkingdom


I am looking for any information on the family of Michael BARNET, born ca
1929, probably >from London, a volunteer who fought in the Israel Army in the
War of Independence. His body was found on the beach of Tel Aviv in April under
mysterious circumstances. He had been shot.

Not all that surprising, many -- police included -- assumed it was I who had
been killed. In fact the first identification of the body was made by a
Jerusalem Post employee who had hosted me for the seder a week earlier. The
police refused at first to believe me when I told them I was still alive. Adding
to the confusion, I was at the time staying at the Central Hotel; the victim
was staying at Hotel Merkaz (Heb. for central).

It took quite a toll on my family and on me. I'd like to know a little more
about my Doppelgaenger and to figure out how I managed to get the Angel of
Death confused.

I'd appreciate any help >from those who knew him or know of the family. The
story appeared in all Israeli papers and in the Jewish Chronicle of London in
the last week of April 1949.

Michael Bernet, New York

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