Re: Liverpool Records #unitedkingdom

Charles Coppel

Dear Rebecca Quest, Jill Whitehead and Susanne Barton,

I suggest that for Liverpool information you look at the Deane Road Cemetery
Payback Project website and the links that you will find there. It's a great
website and a terrific project. The URL is
http://www.geocities dot com/shmuelbennachum/.
The Project Manager Saul Marks <> has been very helpful
to me, and the Project is recovering genealogical material as well as
restoring the cemetery (see the Register link). I was also greatly helped by
Joe Wolfman who was the archivist of the Liverpool Jewish community for over
20 years until succeeded in April 2006 by Arnold Lewis <>
of the Liverpool Jewish Historical Society. I haven't been in touch with
Arnold, but I am confident he would be worth contacting.

Charles Coppel
Melbourne (Australia)

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