Newcastle-upon-Tyne - 1910 #unitedkingdom

Beryl. B <balden@...>

My maternal grandmother died in childbirth with
her 3rd child in December 1910.

There were 2 other children - my mother who was
born in 1908 and her brother who was born in 1904.

My maternal grandfather re-married in 1912 or 1913.
He was a travelling salesman according to his registration
papers on arrival in England >from Latvia in 1900.

It seems obvious to me that he was unable to look
after a new born baby; a 2 year old daughter and a
6 year old son and at the same time work to make a
living. The balance of the family i.e. brothers, sisters and
cousins of my maternal grandparents, had left for
South Africa prior to 1910- so there was no immediate family at
the time inorder to help him with the children until he
re-married. My mother and her brother went to South Africa
in 1925.

This is a mystery to me and it is preventing me from
putting certain parts of my maternal family together.

Would someone in the UK perhaps be able to direct
me to an Organization who may have records of who
looked after these 3 children until 1912 or 1913.?

I would be very grateful for any information that can
be passed onto me so that I can follow it up.

Please write to me privately.

Thank you.

Beryl Baleson

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